Kano Emirate Tussle: Police Take Over Palace Security

The police have reportedly stormed the emir’s palace in Kano state and displaced the local guards protecting Muhammadu Sanusi, the recently reinstated emir.

Following a court ruling that reinstated the 2019 Kano Emirates Council Law, a power shift is underway at the Kano Emirate. Local hunters who previously served as palace guards have left their posts, replaced by police officers.
This move secures the main palace for the potential return of Aminu Bayero, the dethroned 15th Emir. A federal high court judge, Muhammad Liman, faulted Bayero’s removal, citing the state government’s disregard of a previous court order to maintain the status quo.

Background: A Contested Emirate
On May 23rd, the Kano State Assembly passed a bill repealing the 2019 Law that created four additional emirates alongside the historic Kano Emirate. This move aimed to pave the way for the reinstatement of Muhammadu Sanusi II, who was dethroned in 2020 under the previous law. Governor Abba Yusuf signed the bill into law.

The repealed 2019 Law had been used to depose Sanusi.
Kingmakers and the governor subsequently reinstated Sanusi as Emir on the same day the repeal was enacted.

A legal challenge arose, with aggrieved parties seeking to halt Sanusi’s reinstatement.
Judge Liman ordered a stay on the new law’s implementation, specifically regarding its impact on existing Emirate Council positions established under the 2019 Law.
The Kano police also defied the state’s eviction order for Aminu Bayero from the Nassarawa Palace, where he resided after his dethronement.
Bayero, reportedly backed by some federal officials, remained at the Nassarawa Palace under the protection of security forces.

Current Situation: Awaiting Developments
With the court ruling favoring the 2019 Law, the stage is set for a potential return of Bayero to the main palace.

The police takeover of security suggests preparations for this possibility. However, the situation remains fluid, and further developments are anticipated.

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