Lamentation as Band A Electricity Tariff Increases in Lagos

Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDC) and Ikeja Electric announce upward review of Band A electricity tariff

Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDC) and Ikeja Electric have announced an upward review of the electricity tariff for Band A customers, effective July 1, 2024. The new tariff for Band A customers is N209.50 per kilowatt-hour (kWh), up from N206.80 kWh.

The increase is part of a service-based tariff regime and applies only to Band A customers, who are guaranteed a minimum of 20 hours of power supply daily. The tariffs for Bands B, C, D, and E remain unchanged.

The electricity distribution companies attributed the increase to several factors, including fluctuations in the foreign exchange rate, inflation, and the cost of gas. These factors have significantly impacted operational costs, and the new tariff is intended to mitigate these financial pressures.

The companies assured customers that the adjustment is necessary to maintain and improve the quality of service.

“This decision follows a detailed review and customer feedback, which revealed that AEDC had applied the new tariff to all customer bands, contrary to the Order, which was designed to ensure fair billing practices.

“Reimburse all customers in Bands B, C, D and E respectively that were billed above the allowed customer categories/tariff bands provided in the Order,” NERC had said in the statement.

The announcement on the latest tariff has since generated outrages online, with electricity consumers tearing the DisCos apart.

“No light you are designing rubb!!!sh”, #@iamscrummy wrote.

@ChAAley10 said, “Your service to one day av, along Isuti in Igando Lagos, has been poor for more than 8 weeks, and till this very hour there’s no action taken to restore power supply to this area mentioned. This is getting out of hand and residents have spent a lot on fueling generators”

One of EKEDC’s customers living at Festac Town, Lagos, questioned if the estate was truly under Band A.

“What is happening at Festac 01 33kv Ojo barracks and its environs? Light has been out for 84 hours straight. Are you sure we are on Band A? Light out for 4 straight days and nothing heard from you guys. These guys are out to bury this country”, @dlomann said, tagging @NERCNG in his tweet.

“If this is not madness pls tell me what I can call it. 1-u guys haven’t updated ur infrastructure in years, they are obsolete. 2-u haven’t increased power generation 3-u can’t justify 4hr difference btw Band A & B 4-u have increased it d 2nd time, & no light for 24 hrs,” @IamOAR lashed out.

“Even when they announced #206.6kw/h tariff, it was a big lie, the cost was #222.2kw/h. The electricity distribution companies are liars, lying to the public”, @Dt_bello1 wrote.

On her part, @Nkechinyer54391 hope for a “better government” to scrap the DisCos.

“This is where we would see your hard work. The only time you people function well is when you’re increasing tariffs. Give us good service, you won’t. I hope we’ll get a better government that would scrap you all. Just send all of you to Sambisa forest!,” she wrote.

@GFCLASSIS also expressed frustration over the increment.

“The only thing you people know how to do is increase tariff. You don’t care that companies can’t afford to pay and they’re leaving the country. Even the Band A you’re not giving steady electricity. You people should continue with your increment.”

@mz_fejiroo asked the DisCos to “fix” their customers before increasing tariffs.

He wrote, “You are increasing fee, but refuse to attend to issues people having band A are facing Fix your customer system It’s terrible!!!!!”