Mixed reactions as Lampard returns to Chelsea as caretaker manager

  • Chelsea parted ways with Graham Potter on Sunday after a harrowing seven months in charge
  • Interim coach Bruno Saltor took charge of the game against Liverpool on Tuesday but will step down
  • Club legend and former manager Frank Lampard is set to return as caretaker until the season ends

The whirlwind at Chelsea under the ownership of Todd Boehly and the Clearlake Capital consortium continues, as it approaches a year since the club takeover. Almost all decisions taken since then have been spot on, but one wrong decision has led to a series of bad decisions, costing both money and time.

The decision to part ways with Champions League winner, Thomas Tuchel and install Graham Potter as his successor has massively backfired, with the Englishman gone after seven months and the search for another manager beginning anew.

Athletic UK reports that the club have reached an agreement with club legend and former manager, Frank Lampard who will take over as a caretaker manager until the end of the season.

This was reportedly done to allow more time to carry out the exhaustive search for a new manager, with Luis Enrique and Julian Nagelsmann the leading contenders for the job, according to the Evening Standard.

Fans react to Lampard’s return

Lampard was manager between July 2019 and January 2021. He achieved the top four in his first season despite the transfer ban but after spending over £200 million in his second season, he failed and was sacked mid-season.

Since then, he went to Everton and was sacked again, which has left fans unimpressed by his return – even if he is only another interim figure at Stamford Bridge.

@CFCDUBois wrote: ”First mistake was sacking Tuchel. Second mistake was delaying sacking Potter when he was out of his depth for ages. Now hiring Lampard after he showed he was out of his depth. ‘Vibes’ isn’t the best way to approach a UCL QF. 1% chance 99% faith.”

@CFCMod_ wrote: ”Frank Lampard in 2023, just one normal day at this club is all I ask for man, he will be our manager till the end of the season, this is laughable.”

@gyaigyimii wrote: ”Who did I offend to be getting this. From Tuchel leaving to Potter and now back to Lampard. I’m sorry”

While the majority of the fans are against the appointment, a few others welcomed the idea of having Lampard until the end of the season. These fans feel this is a better option than Bruno Saltor, who has hinted he did not want to take on the head coach responsibilities.

Tuchel wanted Chelsea return

Sports Brief also reported on a revelation that Tuchel might have returned to Chelsea if his successor had been sacked before he took over at Bayern Munich.

Ahead of a tie against Freiburg, the German was asked by the media about the Blues’ managerial role and he insinuated he would have retaken the position.