What Breakfast Looks Like in Seven Countries


Have you ever wondered what other African countries have for breakfast?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day no matter the country you live in, but the fact is we don’t all eat the same breakfast. Every African country have their own breakfast delicacy.

1. Egypt’s Ful Medames and Ta’meya
The Ful Medames and ta’meya breakfast is the most popular breakfast in Egypt. Fava beans are primarily boiled with oil and salt to make ful which are wrapped into a small patties or balls. It can also be prepared with pepper, lemon, or mint.

2. Ethiopians Fatira
A big, crispy pancake made of wheat flour called fatira is popular in Ethiopia. It is usually served with honey, scrambled eggs, or both. Fatira is frequently divided into tiny pieces and eaten just like pancakes.

3. Tunisia’s Bambalouni
Traditional Tunisian doughnuts called bambalouni are very well-liked in Ethiopia. They are created with salt, yeast, hot water, and flour. The dough is made and fried in hot oil till golden brown, and then sugar is placed on top of the finished doughnuts.
Bambalouni is served with coffee, either for breakfast or as a late-afternoon snack.

4. Ghana’s Waakye
Today, the rice and bean dish known as waakye is rich and satisfying and eaten by many people. It is eaten alongside many side dishes. The most popular side dishes include boiled eggs, fried plantains, talia, which is similar to spaghetti, shito, which is a black pepper sauce, avocados, a meat-based tomato soup, and gari foto, a sauce created from finely shredded cassava.

5. Morroco’s fried eggs and harcha
Breakfast for Moroccans often includes fried eggs. It is served with cheese, black olives, and olive oil. They also enjoy fried eggs with khlea, a sort of dried meat.

6. Kenyan’s tea and mandazi
Kenyan breakfast is tea with a side of mandazi, a type of deep-fried pastry that resembles an unsweetened doughnut. Sometimes a piece of bread or a side of fruit may be served with the tea. The tea is full of milk and sugar.

7. Nigeria’s Akara and bread
Akara, which is made from peeled beans, is usually accompanied by Ogi, which is a kind of custard made from fermented maize. Nigerians love to pair akara with bread or fried yam.

By Temi Iwalaiye

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